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Broadcast an SMS message (cell phone messaging) from/to your database

SMS messaging has been one of the success stories of the mobile phone industry over the past three years. Now you can harness the power of the SMS message for your business by communicating instantly with a targeted group of individuals.

Would you like to tell all of your sales people about a new offer right now?

Would instant communications with your shareholders help with your PR?

Would instantly informing security staff of a threat in a specific area help your organization?

These are just a couple of simple applications made possible with our SMS message, wireless systems.

You can even request instant feedback from your chosen group. Ask a question and within minutes the results can be displayed on your screen or even on your web site in a variety of different formats to suit your needs.

The applications are limitless.Simply complete a short form, select a group of individuals to target with the message and hit "send". People receive the message in seconds!

Our SMS, wireless communication will help you to set-up and maintain databases of your contacts (can be imported from current database) and allows you to communicate with your contacts via SMS and email instantly.

Use SMS as a secure data input device

A mobile phone has a secure identity and can easily be used, with minimal training, for text messaging. Messages can be sent from these mobile devices for consolidation to a central database. Let us flesh out some typical scenarios:

A typical scenario:

Let us imagine that you have 50 shops in a shopping center and that each is connected to its own POS. However, there is no central point in the center to consolidate the different stores' sales figures.

Each store manager can send his / her sales figures at the end of the day by text message to an agreed telephone number

The figures are saved by store in a database and authorized people can view the data over the Internet. Individual store figures can be compared against total for the center or totals for a type of store.

Scenario 2

Field personnel can be sent a list of assignments (via SMS) to their mobile telephones at the click of a button from a secure area within your website.

Every time they complete an assignment, they can send a text message detailing the time of completion. This in turn can automatically update a database which can drive a page within your website so the current status can be viewed online.

Scenario 3

You need to quickly contact a group of contractors to arrange bidding. A brief summary can be sent instantly by SMS and full details by an email.

The contractors can reply instantly, declining or accepting the invitation for bidding. The information can be stored automatically in a database and made accessible over the Web.

Whatever your SMS application, contact us for a demonstration of our capabilities and to discuss how your application can be automated.

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