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Functions and Features of Progma's Pizza POS System

Basic POS Functions  
Security Functions  
Auto secure (terminal lock) STANDARD
Item Functions  
Register /Void /Refund STANDARD
Price adjustment/ override STANDARD
Register Item with linked container STANDARD
Register Coupon item STANDARD
Tender Functions  
Register /Void /Refund STANDARD
Transaction Functions  
Save sale transaction STANDARD
Recall sale transaction by POS number and transaction number within one store STANDARD
Reprint transaction STANDARD
Reprint the last transaction STANDARD
Cancel sale transaction STANDARD
Input Functions  
Digits + Multiplier key STANDARD
Price entering STANDARD
Mode (void, refund) STANDARD
X and Z reports STANDARD
Operator activities report STANDARD
Payment Functions  
Allows multiple tender types and multiple payments STANDARD
Cash tender STANDARD
Cgrayit tender STANDARD
Debit tender STANDARD
Gift certificate tender STANDARD
Training mode  
Toggle training mode STANDARD
Keyboard mapping  
Keyboard mapping allows attaching scenario to Keyboard event STANDARD
Receipt printing STANDARD
Receipt layout configuration STANDARD
Store Operations  
Receipt printingAllows Standalone Operations STANDARD
Supports warranted transaction delivery STANDARD
Supports Session Mechanism with Session Numerator STANDARD
Miscellaneous Functions  
Cash over limit alert STANDARD
Employee check in/out STANDARD
Cashier declaration STANDARD
Web Self-Service  
Automatic Store Locator OPTIONAL
E-mail/Phone-back Order Confirmation OPTIONAL
Self-Service Credit Card Processing with Automatic Order Routing OPTIONAL
Driver Dispatch  
Assigning and Tracking Delivery Orders STANDARD
Barcode Pizza Box Labels OPTIONAL
Cash-drop Enforcement STANDARD
Delivery-zone Maintenance STANDARD
Driver Routing OPTIONAL
End-of-day Driver settlement STANDARD
Graphical Mapping OPTIONAL
Turn-by-turn Delivery Instructions OPTIONAL
In Store POS Operations  
Customer Address Find/Type with Address Validation STANDARD
Customizable Interface for Branded Look & Feel STANDARD
Credit Card Processing STANDARD
Cross-Sell Up-Sell Wizards STANDARD
Integrated Pricing and Taxes STANDARD
Item/Size/Modifier Wizards STANDARD
Order Options - Delivery, Pickup, Dine-In STANDARD
Promotion Wizard STANDARD
Safe Interface OPTIONAL
Support for Customer Accounts with Monthly Billing STANDARD
Support for Employee Messages and Reminders with Enforced Compliance STANDARD
Time Clocking STANDARD
Touch Screen Ordering STANDARD
Unlimited Number of Menu Items and Menu Categories STANDARD
Unlimited Number of Modifiers (1-st Half, 2-nd Half, No, E-z, Double etc.) STANDARD
Unlimited Number of Toppings STANDARD
Call Center Operations  
Multi-line Caller ID OPTIONAL
Touch Screen Caller ID Interface OPTIONAL
Kitchen Operations  
Kitchen Monitor Support STANDARD
Kitchen-ticket Printer Support STANDARD
Back Office Operations  
Centralized Menu Management OPTIONAL
Connected / Disconnected-with-sync Operations OPTIONAL
Cost Of Food Analysis STANDARD
Delivery Turn-a-Round STANDARD
Employee Productivity Analysis STANDARD
Employee Scheduling STANDARD
Excel Report Export OPTIONAL
Fingerprint ID Login OPTIONAL
Fraud / Suspicious Activity Detection STANDARD
Item/ Menu BOM Entry with unlimited Hierarchies STANDARD
Inventory Alert Thresholds STANDARD
Inventory Tracking and Purchasing STANDARD
Inventory Tracking and Purchasing with Automated Vendor-data Export OPTIONAL
Labor Cost Analysis STANDARD
Multilevel Roll-based Access to Reports OPTIONAL
Operational Reporting STANDARD
Peachtree integration OPTIONAL
Product Sales Breakdown STANDARD
Promotion Wizard Designer STANDARD
Roll-based Security by Screen STANDARD
QuickBooks Integration OPTIONAL
Transaction Polling OPTIONAL
Video Surveillance OPTIONAL
Corp / Pizza Store Website Development with the Look & Feel Matching the POS OPTIONAL
Customizable Marketing Scripts for POS OPTIONAL
Customer Order History Reports STANDARD
Dynamic Website Content Updates OPTIONAL
Individual Store Sites OPTIONAL
Internet Marketing and Promotion Campaigns OPTIONAL
Online Coupons OPTIONAL
Web Flash Demo Development OPTIONAL
Training and Support  
Operations Support OPTIONAL
Warranty Support STANDARD

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