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Progma Web Design - e-commerce and e-business solutions for Chicago and beyond

Webmaster Training

Let us train one of your staff members with the knowledge necessary to run and update your web site.

Once your web site has be designed, uploaded and completely set up, it is very likely that you will wish to make regular changes to its content over time. While we are happy to make these changes ourselves, you may find it more cost effective to take up our Webmaster training program.

The idea is simple; we train a nominated member of staff to handle all internet related duties pertaining to your site, from the daily tasks such as emails and newsletter administration, to making text and graphical changes to the site content. Typically, we train in the following areas:

1) Setting up and running email accounts:
  • Use of software like Microsoft Outlook
  • How to set up multiple email aliases
  • Use of email forwarding
  • Virus detection
  • Spam

2) Using HTML editors to change the content of existing web pages
  • Use of HTML editing software such as MS FrontPage
  • Use of Text Editors such as Notepad
  • Basic HTML code

3) Using graphics software to change photographic content of existing web pages
  • Use of programs like Adobe Photoshop to produce web graphics
  • Using compression to decrease file size and speed image loading
  • How to organize web graphics on your server

4) The use of FTP software to upload changes to your web server
  • Use of software like Cute FTP to upload page changes
  • Understanding your web server

5) Managing web site features such as mailing lists, forums and web stats
  • Sending mail to everyone on your mailing list
  • Administration of a discussion forum
  • Advice on moderating your discussion forums
  • Understanding your web stats

There are many other areas that we can provide training for - please contact us for more details.

How Much Does It Cost?

Training is offered at an hourly rate, but we are happy to offer discounts for full day training sessions and/or training of multiple staff members - please contact us for more details.


We tend to offer this web design training primarily for companies in or around Chicago. If you have any questions regarding our Webmaster training sessions, please contact us and we'll be happy to discuss these matters in more detail.

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